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Doggy-Style Sex

Ask any man and he will tell you that doggy style sex position is his most favourite. As the doggy style gives men porn-like experience, and allows them for a wide range of motion hence men love it the most. In this position, the female partner lies face down on the bed with her legs spread slightly while the male partner enters from behind. You will love the doggy style sex or enjoy its variations like stacked spooning, keeping pillow under thighs, or flattened doggy position. Savor the taste and relish the fun of doggy style with your choicest dream girl in Chennai. Contact sexy escort now.


69 or Sixty-nine is one of the most preferred sex-positions in which both the partner performs oral sex on each other. The escort lies on top of the man and sucks the penis of the male straddling her knees near the head of her partner while the male lies on his back aligned to give oral sex to the escort. As this resembles the number 69, hence it has been named as such. Enjoy different variations of this position for getting an awesome and unforgettable experience with your dream girl. Besides the classic 69, you can go for inverted 69, sideways 69, squatting 69 and standing 69 with greater degree of control and flexibility each adding fun and excitement as well as pleasure in the same.


Cat Sex Position

One of the variants of the missionary position, the cat sex position aims to maximize stimulation of clitoris during the intercourse. In this, the female escort lies on her back and she lifts her body’s upper part with her elbows while her legs are laid straight and driven apart. The male lies on his other female partner and keeps his body positioned as to freely make up and down movement to make inward and outward stroke. The female escort can wrap her legs around her male partner’s body for maximum stimulation. Meanwhile man can kiss lips, neck while having the intercourse. Get unforgettable experience from this passionate love-making position.