9 Things Some Men Are Too Afraid of Asking In Bed

Men who want to have endless pleasure with their partner should think broad and consider some erotic moments in their love life. But, sometimes it becomes very hard to look for some suitable things that one expects. Guys also have so many expectations from their companion but they feel worried and tensed to ask for such things. If you are also in the same situation, you have to look for some suitable tips to overcome it. Let’s check out some of things that men are afraid to ask in bed with their partner.


First of all, it is important to for guys to get a good familiarity with their female. Then only they can demand something from her. When two couples are not open to each other, it becomes really difficult to enjoy their time like never before. Guys sometimes feel hesitated to ask for oral fun. They don’t know if their girl would like to take their rod inside her mouth or not. But, you can at least try to ask her, if she is comfortable with oral. If she agrees, you can try out some stunning oral fun with her and enjoy great moments.


It could be very painful for women. All females don’t get agreed for anal sex. If you want to enjoy it with your partner, don’t force her. A gentle behavior and right approach to lovemaking is something that you should always keep in your mind. To make it possible, you have to consider the warmth and coziness of females. Trying out some suitable things could easily arouse the intimate feelings of your girl. Then she’ll surely give you proper response and even may allow you to do anal sex. It is going to make you feel better than ever in bed and cherish your mood like never before.

Wild Sex:

It is something that could be really erotic for you. Enjoyable feelings that you’ll get while making love with your partner during wild sex would be memorable for long time. Guys having enough stamina should not feel worried to ask their girlfriend or wife about wild sex. Lovemaking tried in different ways could be stunning. It can cheer up your mood and allow you to enjoy some gratifying feelings. Always consider this aspect very carefully and relish some astonishing memories in your life. So, always think of having fun with your partner and enjoy some great moments. Chennai Escorts are also good companions with whom you can have endless pleasure and try out wild sex positions. They will allow you to do whatever wild things you want in bed.

Painful Positions for Women:

Females are really worried of trying painful positions. It can be really disturbing for those who have less stamina. But, guys still want to enjoy some stunning things with their partner. In the beginning, females feel pain but as their hole becomes bigger, they become comfortable with all types of erotic things.

Sex Without Condom:

It could be a risky move but if you think that your partner does not have HIV, there is nothing wrong in getting some stunning feelings. Sex without condom has its own fun. It’ll give you intense pleasure and add some gratifying moments to your life.

Cum On Mouth:

While doing an oral sex, you can also insert cum inside the mouth of your partner. For this, your partner should be comfortable for such activity. Never afraid and ask her. May be she will like the taste of your sperm.

Sleepless Night:

Making love relentlessly throughout the night could be a stunning experience. It can warm up your mood and make you feel better than ever.

Pregnancy Problem:

Guys always want to play safe. They don’t want their girlfriend to become pregnant. That’s why they look for some Escorts in Chennai and make safe sex with them. Ask your partner to avoid pregnancy when you don’t want it to relish good moments.

Unstoppable Lovemaking:

Making unstoppable could be a real fun. But, females may feel a lot of pain during this process. If you are worried of asking such enjoyable experience with your partner, ensure to do it now. A right approach to lovemaking is something that could be stunning for you.